Governance Services

Information Risk Assessments

An assessment of threats, likelihood, impact and effectiveness of security controls and measures.

Information Identification, Analysis and Classification

Classify, label and handle information assets appropriately.

Business Continuity Management

Develop robust business continuity plans and implement to ensure the on-going success of your business.

Information Risk / Governance Services

Develop a framework to manage and control sensitive information in your organisation.

Compliance & Audit

GCIO Certification & Accreditation

Help with delivering GCIO requirements from a security expert. Define a Statement of Applicability, conduct a risk assessment, and complete an audit against a Controls Validation Plan.

ISO 27001 Alignment

Align with the best practice standard for IT implementation.

NZISM Compliance

Comply with the Government controls catalog for protecting sensitive information and systems.

PCI DSS Consultancy

Achieve compliance in an efficient and cost effective manner.

Technical Security Services

IT Audit

IT infrastructure audit against preferred best practice standard.

Security Code Review

Code review from a security perspective. We’ll find your security bugs before “go live”.

Application Penetration Testing

Web and Mobile App penetration testing from the perspective of a malicious attacker.

Host Configuration Review

Hardening review of Windows and *nix servers

Network Penetration Testing

Perimeter and host security testing to ensure your IT infrastructure is securely managed.

Firewall Review

Rule base review to ensure appropriate protocols, sources and destinations have been configured.

Tailored Security

Security Staff Augmentation

Have a security expert join your team on an as needed basis.

Staff Security Training

Details presentations and demonstrations to educate and strengthen staff awareness.

Best Practice Implementation

Develop and implement a security strategy for your business.

Ad-hoc security consulting

As needed security consulting, tell us what you need and we’ll be there to help.