Service Type: Certification & Accreditation (C&A)

Security Design Review

A Design Review of your existing business process or information system will help identify issues that may contribute to a security incident. The key outcome of the design review are the recommendations that can be implemented to address identified issues.

Information Risk Assessments

An assessment of threats, likelihood, impact and effectiveness of security controls and measures. The risk assessment establishes the business and technical context of a given system or service. It identifies the classification of the official information that is stored, processed and transmitted with the system and also identifies the relevant security risks and assesses the […]

Controls Validation Audit

A Controls Validation Audit will help provide your organisation with assurance and confidence that controls in your existing business process and information systems have been configured according to the defined security requirements. The outcome from the Controls Validation Audit can be used to inform and prioritise remediation activities that ensure processes and systems are configured […]

On-going Assurance

Ongoing Assurance in the form of security roadmap activities will help your organisation gain continual assurance that your existing business processes and information systems are operating effectively. The outcome from ongoing assurance activities can be used to inform and prioritise remediation activities that ensure processes and systems continue to operate within your organisation’s risk tolerance […]

Remediation Planning & Validation

Remediation Planning will support your organisation’s risk management plan by establishing and implementing a defined approach to address issues that may result in the organisation operating outside their risk tolerance levels. The remediation plan will identify the action, accountability and timeframes, so that they can be tracked and managed.